3-delige traditionele scheerset ivoor



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Finished in nickel plating and imitation ivory (high quality acrylic), this three piece set can provide a lifetime of irritation-free shaving. Preparation is the key to a good shave, and the pure badger shaving brush ensures you are able to whip up good lather from any good quality shaving cream or soap (Edwin Jagger’s own shaving soaps and creams are quite pleasant, economical, and effective). Pure badger is a slightly stiffer, more exfoliating grade of badger, ideal for anyone with slightly coarser hair.

The razor in this set features Edwin Jagger’s Sheffield-made shave head, with gives smooth, comfortable shaves, fitted to a nickel-plated brass and imitation ivory handle with simple yet elegant styling. This safety razor can accept all standard double-edge blades.

Edwin Jagger is based in Sheffield, an English city with a long history of producing high quality steel, silverware, and (historically) some of the finest straight razors ever made. With the decline of Britain’s heavy engineering sector since the 1960’s, Sheffield has focused increasingly on specialist, high quality manufacturing, of which Edwin Jagger is a prime example. The company now produces a complete range of internationally popular wet shaving equipment, from safety razors and shaving brushes to luxurious shaving creams, soaps, and pre and post shave skincare.

Made in Sheffield, England